Z-A Architecture
Long Tail Visual Identity  |  Brazil
We developed this visual identity for the architects Keila Zeni and Rafaela Almeida, who have been working together for some years. The project's main requirement was to translate the duo's elegant style, which makes a sophisticated mix between classic pieces and contemporary design, with geometric, clean, and precise architectural lines. No less important, the new identity should embrace a future business expansion plan, with the possibility of being applied to a long tail of home products, commercially replicating the initial concept and style of the brand.
Soon, we will have here Giramundo App, VCT Promo, Argenta Coffee School, Link International Realty, GreenWorld Investments, Valim Dias Associated Lawyers, Mitte Accounting Consulting, Castilhos Business Group, Lanton Consultancy, Bravo! Photography, Jocymara Nicolau and Andreia Posonski Architecture, among other projects in the Professional Services segment. Follow the launch of new website content through our social media.

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