A good reason to celebrate and keep evolving. Ever!
Celebrating 26 years, we reached more than 200 brands created for different segments, always focusing on maximum quality and return on investments in communication. We help our clients from the conception and construction of the business to the daily contact with their public in diverse channels, adding value and generating solid results.
Many changes. The same passion!
In November 1994, Ufficio Design was born, which has become DTávora Branding Design Content, with many stories in the baggage. In this journey, there were changes in name, society, and structure. However, the passion of the beginning and the commitment to the effective result in building solid brands remain the same.
November 1994 | After two years traveling and getting to know different design structures in Europe and the United States, Dickson returns to Brazil full of ideas and willingness to undertake, opening the doors of the first version of his office: Ufficio Design, with a focus on communication services for the ceramic industry [ Photo: Brochures for Incepa/Laufen (today, Roca), its first client, after having worked for six years in this industry as an in-house designer ]
1995-1997 | Shortly afterward, the office is renamed Ufficio Design/Golinelli do Brasil, in a partnership with Paolo Golinelli, from the Italian Golinelli Communication Lab, still maintaining the focus on the ceramic industry [ Photo: original identity Mitte Contabilidade e Consultoria, which marks the beginning of a new phase, finally, aimed at building brands for different segments ]
1998-2000 | Dickson seeks to diversify its professional actuation with a more authorial work, focusing on other segments besides ceramic. So, back following alone again, such as Ufficio DesignPhoto: original identity Mabu Hotéis & Resorts and the concept "A Memorable Experience", helping to build both identity and communication base, fundamental for its consolidation and growth as a hotel chain ]
2001-2003 | In this period, the office was renamed Ufficio "Branding" Design, making explicit its focus on building and managing brands [ Photo: Resorts Brasil identity, for the Brazilian national resorts association, which, together with the work for Mabu Hotels chain, leads to the beginning of expertise in the hospitality segment, with several subsequent projects for hotels, tourism, gastronomy, and events ]
2004-2007 | Aiming to offer an abroad range of services for its clients, including packaging and web design, Dickson starts a partnership with his brother Danton Távora and his friends Eduardo 'Pena' Andrade and Cristian Silva, fusing talents and changing its name to Imag Branding Design [ Photo: original packaging label for Blue, Ouro Fino Mineral Water, an iconic work from this phase ]
2008-2010 | Realizing the beginning of a profound change in the design and communication market, with the arrival of smartphones and the consolidation of digital media, Dickson is back to acting alone, as Dickson Távora Branding Design, keeping the focus on building and managing brands, but, also dedicating a good part of his time to the study of new technologies [ Photo: Koh Samui Asian Cuisine, name, and identity for Mabu Thermas Grand Resort's oriental fusion restaurant ]
2011-2013 | With a new multidisciplinary team and strategic partnerships for actions in different channels, DTávora Branding Design was born, now with the possibility to act from physical to digital and focusing on building value for the brand [ Photo: graphic and communication project for Eggs Fabergé Exhibit, Shopping Mueller/Pandora Jewelry. A VCT Promo assembly and production, which emerges as a great partner in the events and exhibition area ]
2014 | DTávora Branding Design now offers generation of strategic content, including video creation as part of its actions related to branding [ Photo: identity, brand management and strategic content for Swadisht Indian Cuisine, with several brand recognitions and prizes in its segment since then, from Veja Eating & Drinking Magazine to TripAdvisor Traveler's Choice 2020 ]
2015 onwards | The office is now called DTávora Branding Design "Content" [ Photo: identity, brand and content management for Recanto Cataratas Resort, which in 2020 received the Best of the Best award, from TripAdvisor, recognized by the public among the World's Top 1% in its segment ]
The biggest motivation is compelling results for our clients.
"Dickson's daily effort to make our company's communication directly translate the brand's concepts is notorious. It is possible to see how they take care that each material produced maintains unity with the whole. The methodology they use to generate innovation and the team's ability to create, both physically and digitally, are other points that stand out for me. His collaborative approach with customers. And, of course, the endless pursuit of beautiful design that works for the public!"

Jeetu Khemani
Swadisht Indian Cuisine
"Combining strategic thinking with the persuasiveness of an elegant design and extreme technical quality, Dickson is prepared to carry out projects for the demanding audience of the premium and luxury segment. Responsible for updating our brand as we celebrate 60 years, they knew how to align the traditional with the new, maintaining ties with our captive customer and paving the way for the renewal of our audience in channels where we had little or no presence, including the digital. He helped us to create new business opportunities.”

Clara Chao Decock
Ile de France Cuisine Française Traditionnelle
The identity is new again.
To celebrate more than 200 brands created in these 26 years, we have updated our own. Click below and learn more about the concept behind the DTávora symbol and other details about its identity.