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Bring to the public the regional and magical universe of this outstanding success of Brazilian television through a behind-the-scenes exhibition.
"There are destinations that move with the currents of a river." This is the main plot of the soap opera Velho Chico, created by Benedito Ruy Barbosa, Edmara Barbosa, and Bruno Luperi. Produced by Globo Television Network, shown in 2016 in Brazil and 2017 in Portugal, the plot took the viewer to the São Francisco River banks (which has the affectionate nickname of Velho Chico), telling stories bathed in passion, power, and mysticism. The love that flows through those waters, crossing hearts and generations.
Scenes from the soap opera Velho Chico taken by photographer Caiuá Franco: some of the several pictures on exhibition.
The Inside Velho Chico exhibition took place at two large shopping malls, in Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo, and had the challenge of bringing fantasy to the real world and within reach of people. What was the filling? Soap opera original costumes, stage objects, and pictures of the behind-the-scenes. Also, photos of the beautiful nature where Globo recorded it, in Northeastern Brazil, and giant scenic sculptures, created especially for the launch party at the Museu do Amanhã (The Museum of Tomorrow).
Reaffirm concepts and create bonds beyond the television medium.
Globo is the second-largest commercial television network globally, watched by 200 million people daily in Brazil and other countries. Its novels, undeniably, are a passion of the Brazilian and part of that people's culture and collective imagination. Awarded numerous times for the quality of its productions and recognized for the care with which it manages its brands and products, working for Globo always involves a great responsibility. And this project even more since it reaffirms the concept of excellence by exposing different details of its production.
Costume design by Thanara Schönardie, set design by Danielly Ramos and Keller Veiga. Giant allegories by Clécio Régis.
DTávora's challenge was to create a specific language for the exhibition, based on the original identity of the television soap opera, and present to the people the regional and magical universe of Velho Chico, translated into the careful work of each professional involved in the process of telling this story. With a playfully and attractively space, we aimed to surprise the public and strengthen their bonds with the Globo brand through a new and authentic experience.
Complimentary Visual Identity
The original identity of the soap opera opening sequence adapted to the physical reality of the exhibition.
Initially, we helped define a title and a subtitle for the event. Then, from the lettering that brands the opening sequence, created by Christiano Calvet, we added new visual elements, also inspired by the regional culture present in the plot, featuring a complimentary language specific for the exhibition. After that, we aim to protect this identity in a neutral and standardized visual space to work together with the partner's brands in the different expected media, expanding the communication possibilities of the original creation without mischaracterizing it.
Graphic Design & Digital Content
Invite for a personal and direct experience.
Thinking about the primary information clarity, we chose to work more abstractly on dissemination and exhibition support collateral, using only colors and textures as a background. Thus, we brought the incredible work in painting and engraving by the plastic artists Mello Menezes and Samuel Casal, created especially for the opening sequence. Its solid visual link with the television product, recognizable by the audience, made us decide to explore its graphic beauty in enlargements of details from the video frames. Then, we broke the language down into grids, adapting it to work in different formats, from printed posters and billboards to animations on digital signage displays, from website banners to social media posts, in addition to t-shirts, badges, flyers, and many other pieces.
Physical Environment
Dive into an imaginary, playful, and cultural river.
Defined jointly with VCT Promo, responsible for the event's entire assembly and production direction, the main idea in organizing the spaces was to create an organic path. Like the flow of a river, without straight lines or sudden obstacles, leading the public to get involved naturally and travel in the soap opera stories. Scenic, spotted lighting was also essential to make this universe more immersive. Also, as the client was going to set up the exhibition in Rio and São Paulo, we had to adapt it to the different spaces. Thus, everything was thought of in a modular way, as "visual islands", each highlighting specific elements.
Another way to experience your favorite soap opera. Another audience big hit with the audience.
Like the soap opera, the exhibition Inside Velho Chico was a significant audience success, being seen by more than 100 thousand people. This event was one of Globo's first actions in this regard, and, indeed, the highly positive result opens the door to other future events.
Globo Television Network
Approvals: Chrystian Duriez
VCT Promotions and Events
Exhibition Assembly and production direction: Carmen Arrata
Production management: Angélica Cruz
DTávora Branding Design Content
Exhibition visual identity, spatial design, graphic design, and digital content: Dickson Távora

Globo Television Network
Art direction: Luiz Fernando Carvalho
Opening sequence: Christiano Calvet (visual concept, identity, and art direction)
Opening sequence engraving art: Mello Menezes e Samuel Casal
Opening sequence stop-motion animation: Animaking Studios
Scenography: Danielly Ramos e Keller Veiga
Costume: Thanara Schönardie
Nature and behind-the-scenes photography: Caiuá Franco
Giant scenic sculptures: Clécio Régis
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